Fan Reviews

My Fan Reviews – Just a few of THOUSANDS!

“This is one classy/sexy woman. I wish I could be in her world for one day.”

“Brilliant show! I could fall in love with u!”

“Bianca is so hot, I’d pay to drink her used bath water.”

“Bianca is very hot, great voice and a nasty imagination. had me cumming hard. “

“She is so cool. And if you haven’t noticed, Incredibly Hott !!”

“Very understanding natural Domina that can be wicked while still remaining sexy. You will love this true Goddess. Very fertile imagination…..fearless.”

“Wow… so amazing! A true gorgeous women. But on top of that, a totally great listener. So great!!! A all time favorite! Plays the hot wife cuckolding perfect!!! Perfect!!!! Not like those other fake 18yr olds!”

“Sexy and clever – knows just how to push your buttons.”

“Really sexual and kinky mind….no matter what your fantasy, she makes you feel like she has already lived it out and completely understands it…Great call!!!

“Even better than her summary describes!!! Gorgeous, friendly,hot body!!! And no foreign accent… what else could you want. She took care of my addiction !!!!”


“Super Sensual and Sexy! Loved it!”

“Wow…Wow…Wow…great personality and great show. Thank You!”

“Loved the role play! WOW! This woman can do ANYTHING!”

“Wow, incredible, awesome! my Queeen!!”

“Bianca is always awesome, there’s a reason she’s top-rated! Come by for an exhilarating time, she’ll blow you away!”

“First time with her. definately won’t be the last.”

“What a fucking show!!! She’s off the hook fun!!!”

“She was incredible!! I have not been that turned on in years!! I am definately going to cum back and see her again!! She rocked my world!”

“She is amazing! such a lovely lady and interesting person.”

“So incredibly awesome that you must see her. NOT a cracked out stripper but a real fun woman who knows how to play. 100% real with no silicone either WOOT!”

“Complete package…Amazing”

“THE smoking queen….”


“Bianca never disappoints. Hot show by a very hot woman.”

“who IS that woman??? I’ve never met anyone like her b4, and doubt I ever will again. Amazing. Just amazing. And that’s just her brain and her smile. WOW!”

“GREAT dominant personality. Really understood my cuckolding fetish too. So hot!!!!”

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