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Update! September 8, 2012

NEW Video from Seattle band and good Friends “Endless Sunder”

SO! I have moved back to San Diego, California as of Aug 1, 2012.  Why? Well, those of you who know me personally know I have owned an amazing home here for over 10 years.

With all that I love about Seattle, I went there to achieve a bucket list of things of which all were achieved, in spades. I miss my friends there and the Seattle music scene immensely but soon have plans on turning the San Diego Music scene upside down, expanding our goth/industrial community, doing West Coast DJ tours, helping write the second “Anguisette” album and more.

For now, I am taking a breather from all the hard work I did for the 5 years I lived in Seattle. At the end of the day, Seattle is only a 2 hour and 15 minute flight away!

In terms of my naughty  “virtual” exploits, you will not find me camming again until October unless I find a cool day here and there. I became so acclimated to the Seattle weather that it feels BLOODY HAWT here right now, and of course camming in the best possible quality requires MASSIVE watts of VERY WARM lighting.

Instead, I am working at a very cool PEEPSHOW in San Diego called Jolar Cinema. (This is the place I got my start at when I was 19!). So what’s the deal on Jolar? Basically, 20.00 for 5 minute sessions in private shows booths. The place is CLEAN and the staff and girls are WONDERFUL! Come in, say hello, hop on your side of the magic glass and get comfy with me! Jolar is located @ 6321 University Ave in San Diego. You can call them at any time to ask for my weekly schedule at (619) 583-8114 as they are open 24/7.

As for my National and International Web Cam fans, I shall see you again come October 2012!



Oh Goodness, WHERE Have I gone?? October 27, 2011

I have been slacking on the blogging thing I know! Let’s see what kind of fun, mischief and mayhem have occurred since May. WELL! I got married to Jyri Glynn in Las Vegas on May 22, 2011. We did not go to Vegas to get married, but to do a couple of shows. We had been engaged for 8 months at this point, so when we had a little down time, we decided to do it! Of course, in proper rockstar style, we got married at the Graceland Chapel! If it’s good enough for Rob Zombie, it’s good enough for us. Of course, we opted out for the Elvis, cause we liked the regular minister right off the bat. The night before that was amazing as Jyri and I got to FINALLY meet ohGr of Skinny Puppy. What an amazing man and we have been fans for 20 PLUS years. To drink wine and talk about life with such a legend was pure bliss. The night before that, we spent time at Count’s “Vamped” club which used to be “Dr. Feelgood’s” when it was owned by Vince Neil of Motley Crue. The Count rocked and was VERY hospitable! Let’s see some photos of that weekend shall we?

Quite casual I know! Representing TOOL and SKINNY PUPPY here!

The Night before we left for Vegas, I threw a huge fashion show at The Mercury in Seattle, Washington. It was amazing with over 171 people in attendance. I designed the costume themes, and the catwalk itself. All clothing was from the coveted METRO in Capitol Hill. Pics you ask? Hell yes!

At the strike of midnight, it was officially my hubby’s 42nd bday, so out came a cake, presents and a champagne toast in the club to end this amazing evening.

Sometime before this, our band “Anguisette” played with the amazing David J of the Bauhaus! I think this was our BEST show EVER! Hoping we get the next show we want. If so, it will be an BIG EFFING DEAL!

I went back to my copper hair. The pink was fun but much too much trouble and time consuming to keep up!

I took a 2 week trip back to my San Diego home for much needed RandR, where I did, ABSOLUTELY nothing but relax and visit with family and friends.

I’m having a blast playing on FREQUENTLY. They now have party chats which I like to call “cooperative gangbangs”, LOL! I set a price, say 200.00, and give the gents 20 minutes to make the goal. Each one throws down 10.00 and when we make the goal, the party chat begins. This is an AMAZING way to save money in this economy, help each other out and downright FUN! I love being watched from anywhere from 10 to 40 men at any given moment. Normally, my prices for regular chat range from 7 to 9 dollars a minute so many of you can understand why paying 10.00 is a GOOD idea for the same show!

What else! I know I will miss something!

As of yesterday, my husband is now approved to appear on cam with me and will be available SOME late nights, depending on his own schedule. He’s a very busy man after all! He’s currently scoring a film and we have written 3 tracks for the 2nd up and coming Anguisette album. The next one will be much harder, Industrial, stompier, grittier and sexual. After the 2 years we have had, it only makes sense!

OK, the last thing I can recall for now! I have opened an online STORE where you can purchase *gasps* my used panties, lingerie, stockings, outfits, shoes, custom videos, photo sets and personal live cam sessions booked in advanced! Check it out HERE. I have just started adding items so if there is something up there you KNOW you want RIGHT away, message me through my store and I will get an auction up for you right away! You can also get to the store through my menu at the top of this page.

MEOW MEOW MEOW! Having so much fun with you guys and always waiting to meet more of my fans! November schedule posting SOON!!

Much love and breathlessness!


PINK!!!! May 15, 2011

Yes! I have finally done what I have always wanted to do and have dyed my hair PINK! Enjoy the photos of my new look!

Lords of Acid – Angelspit – Desillusion and Syztem 7 to perform in Seattle tonight @ Studio 7.

My evening’s adventure will be photographing these bands and mostly likely getting the crap beat out of me as I will be front row provided they don’t set up a photo pit. Hopefully they will as this crowd of fans is going to be pretty INTENSE.

Check me out on cam on Monday and we can count the bruises together! Hopefully there will be few if any. Generally when I DO have to shoot from front row I have about 3 men behind me protecting me from the crush. Lucky them as they get to be RIGHT against my body! Meow Boys!

Also, refer back to this blog for a few samples of the photos I take tonight.

My weekends adventures thus far:

-working my ass of on this page which will eventually be the NEW BiancaMalise.Com. For now, until I get logistics figured out in terms of domain transfer, etc … this is the easiest way to contact me and see where to find me, WHEN to find me .. blah..blah .. you get the picture! Speaking of pictures, I encourage you all to join my Fan Club as it contains thousands of photos and about a hundred High Def AND DV Videos.

-Laying in bed a LOT with my laptop, cats and dogs. Watching movies such as some really BAD hooker movie starring Jennifer Love Hewitt. I suggest skipping this move ALL together. ROBIN HOOD however starring Russel Crowe and Kate Blanchet was REALLY GOOD.

-Drinking ,,, hmmm .. let us see …. about 12 shots of high end Tequila (MY FAVE SPIRIT), a great Margarita and a really BAD bloody Mary. I plan on resolving THAT situation TODAY as The Five Point Cafe in Seattle makes THE BEST bloody mary in town!

-Band practice today before tonight’s show!

-Playing with my Wish List, and enjoying all the goodies I have received these past 3 weeks from you guys! Thank You!

-Preparing for a club event I run monthly – Dark Industry Night – Where everyone in the “Dark” Seattle Industry from Musicians, to Authors, Burlesque Dancers, DJs, Record Label Owners, Graphic Artists, Tour Managers, ETC .. NETWORK and SHARE their experiences. The topic for this month will be: Tour Managment, Promotion and Djing.

Check Out the Event HERE!


March 8, 2011

Lords of Acid/AngelSpit Shots (Just a Few!)

Lords of Acid Seattle, March 6, 2011

Angelspit Seattle March 6, 2011

March 10, 2011

Well well! Had an awesome time @ El Corazon Seattle seeing Cylab last night! I am absolutely tuckered though, I can tell you that for sure! Received an awesome strap-on today from a fan, so those who have requested it FOREVER, I now have one. TY so much to the gent that sent it to me. Not sure I will play on the cam today. If so, it will be VERY late tonight. Got some errands to run, shopping to do, and cleaning after the hurricane (me) that blew through the house last night!!

IF I make it on cam tonight you will find me HERE.

If I don’t appear tonight, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I shall be back on Monday March 14, 2011 @ 2pm PT

Much Love!


April 7, 2011

New updates to the site today! I have added more photos to the photo gallery, created a video page where you can check out just a few of my videos, and have also added a related links page so you can see what others have to say about me on the web!

In regards to my band’s show with She Wants Revenge on March 24th, 2011 @ El Corazon – Waiting on the photographer to send me the photos and then I will blog all about this amazing show. Our next show is opening for David J (Bauhaus/Love and Rockets) April 22, 2011 @ El Corazon, Seattle, Wa.

I’ll be available shortly live on web cam. See you soon!



April 14, 2011

As promised, I blogged earlier that I would fill you in on how the Anguisette show with She Wants Revenge went. Our soundcheck went very swiftly which was a blessing. With the amount of equiptment we use as an electronic band, lighting and projection videos, the process of a soundcheck can sometimes take up to 40 minutes. The venue here in Seattle is getting to understand us as a band at the same time that we are getting used to a rather complex setup, so, that’s good!

El Corazon was one of the top 5 reasons I moved to Seattle. No huge national in the musical genres I love skips El Corazon when coming through Seattle. As my goal was to establish myself as a live concert photographer, it was always easy to get photo passes into El Corazon where about 70% of my portfolio has been shot. Standing on that stage where I have seen so many of my icons, now as a keyboardist, is beyond exciting. It’s actually quite humbling to stand in spots where bands like Assemblage23, Hanzel Und Gretyl, Combichrist, Cold, The Killer and The Star, De/Vision, Covenant and other bands I love have performed.

The show itself went off without a hitch with merely my fiancee (violinist and composer, Jyri Glynn) and I on stage. We performed an instrumental called “Sweet the Pain” with myself on keys and Jyri whipping out a wicked electric violin solo. Then all our other musicians took the stage.

We have 3 glorious female singers who switch off between songs and they were all amazing.

She Wants Revenge happens to also be one of my favorite bands. The other opening band, “The Californian” were great as well. Jyri and I had a VERY early breakfast with both bands after the show. It was a blast.

We now perform next Friday April 22, 2011 @ El Corazon again opening for the legendary David J of Love and Rockets and The Bauhaus. I am convinced that this show itself will also be amazing and flawless. We are so honored to play with someone of his musical genius.

So pictures! Here you go! These were taken by photographer Peter Thadeus of Seattle.

Jyri Glynn – Composer, Keys and Violin – Also of the bands “The Sins”, “Ruined by Fate” and “Elektronika”

Bianca Malise – Keys and VJ

Dawn Wood – Vox – Also from the Band “Elektronika”

Severina X Sol – Vox – Also of the Bands “The Break Up” and “Cylab”

Nya Shirzad – Vox

Fish Jones – Bass Also of the bands “The Sins” and “Elektronika”

Westin Halvorson – Guitar Also of the bands “16 Volt”, “My Life with The Thrill Kill Kult”, “Desillusion” and “Endless Sunder”

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