Along with my Husband, Jyri Glynn (Composer and Violinist), Singers, SeVerina X Sol, Dawn Wood, Nya Shirzad, Co-Keyboardist Albert OH, Bassist Fish Jones and Guitarist Wes Halverson, we are known as Anguisette. My role in the band is as Keyboardist and V/J. Classified as EBM, we are from Seattle and have opened for many national acts such as Voltaire, Das Ich, She Wants Revenge and David J (formerly of the Bauhaus and Love & Rockets).

Our first album “The Creation Chamber” was released in 2010 and is the top selling album on the Sinister Records Label.

Samples on ReverbNation can be found HERE.

You can purchase “The Creation Chamber” HERE.

Enjoy Photos and our first official video here on BiancaMalise.Com

Also, View “Reset” Just Released in Video Form!

LIVE Violin Solo – Sweet the Pain – Jyri Glynn

Jyri Glynn-Composer and Violinist Also of “The Sins”

Bianca Malise – Keys and V/J

Dawn Wood – Vox Also of “Elektronika”

SeVerina X Sol – Vox Also of “The Break Up” and “Cylab”

Nya Shirzad – Vox

Albert Oh – Keys/Visuals/Art Direction/Marketing and Album Artwork

Fish Jones – Bass Also of “The Sins”

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